3 reasons why your business should recycle X-rays and film

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If your workplace has old X-rays and silver-based films gathering dust, why not recycle them and get back that space while doing the right thing for the environment.

Digital radiography has largely replaced the need for traditional X-rays, however there is still a lot of old X-rays and films hidden away in hospitals, medical clinics and radiology centres.

Old X-rays and silver-based films can be recycled easily, whether it’s a small amount lying around the home or commercial-scale quantities from a hospital.

Here are three reasons to recycle X-rays and film that you no longer need:

1. Recycling X-rays and film recovers silver to reuse

Recycling unwanted X-rays and silver-based film recovers silver and other materials that can be reused in new products.

Silver is used in many items and processes, much of it still extracted through mining despite the negative environmental consequences.

We can reduce the amount of silver and other non-renewable materials that continues to be mined and processed by reusing elements recovered from recycled products.

Silver can be reused in a range of things, including silver solder, jewellery, electrical components, and the silver plating of utensils.

2. Recycling X-rays and film helps the environment

Ecocycle’s environmentally friendly silver recovery process helps to protect our waterways and environment by keeping old X-rays and films out of landfill.

Australian landfills are already struggling to cope with the vast amounts of waste dumped every day, so recycling unwanted X-rays can help alleviate our growing waste problem.

X-ray film contains a plastic base and an imaging layer made up of silver halide crystals that need to be processed appropriately.

When old films are recycled, they are placed in a chemical that dissolves the silver-containing imaging layer before the base is sent into a plastic recycling stream, where it can end up in products including shampoo bottles to polyester fleece clothing.

3. Recycling X-rays and film can save your business money

The cost of disposing waste into landfill continues to rise for businesses, however companies of all sizes can save money by recycling.

If you only have a small amount of X-rays and films to dispose of, you can drop them off at X-ray collection bins located at all of Ecocycle’s depots around Australia.

You can even send X-rays to your nearest Ecocycle branch by mail or courier. For larger quantities, Ecocycle may provide a free collection service for your old films.

Recycling can also help foster a better workplace culture by showing your employees that your organisation is committed to sustainable practices and reducing its environmental footprint.

It’s easy to recycle X-rays and film

If your business or organisation has old X-rays or film to dispose of, Ecocycle makes it easy to recycle X-rays, photographic and lithographic films and their associated developers and fixers.

As a leading X-ray recycler in Australia, Ecocycle recovers silver from both films and chemicals, while handling and neutralising residual chemicals in line with EPA requirements.

For more information, give us a call on 1300 32 62 92 or fill out the form below and one of our X-ray recycling specialists will be in touch to discuss the best solution for you.

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