Author Correction: Two decades of glacier mass loss along the Andes

A few missing months (March to July 2013) in the Santa river record in Peru were infilled using the corresponding long-term monthly means. If necessary, missing months in the Chilean and Argentinean river records were infilled with a weighted average of monthly values from highly correlated stations within the same river basin (for details see Masiokas et al. 2019).”

In Supplementary Table 3, there were errors in the data for the Baker basin; the gauging station used should have been Bajo Ñadis instead of Desagüe Lago Bertrand, which affected the values of the annual mean river runoff, sub-period runoff change and the glacier imbalance contribution. For the annual mean river runoff (m3 s−1), 649.2 and 568.7 should have been 922.8 and 975.9, respectively; for the sub-period runoff change (%), −12 should have been 6; and for the glacier imbalance contribution (%), 3 and 5 should have been 2 and 3, respectively. Related to this, in the sentence beginning “The two Patagonian basins…” in the final paragraph of the section “Influence of glacier mass loss on river runoff” in the main text of the Article, “3 to 5%” should have been “2 to 3%”. Furthermore, in Supplementary Table 3, “Condorecerro” should have read “Condorcerro”.

The online versions of the Article have been amended and the Supplementary Information file replaced.

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