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    Peak recycling body calls for battery governance program

    Australia’s peak recycling body has called for a national battery recycling scheme to tackle the growing problem seriously and prevent batteries from exploding in recycling facilities. The Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR) has urged the national and state governments to take immediate action and establish a national product stewardship and recycling scheme for handheld batteries. […] More

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    Where can I recycle batteries in Victoria, Australia?

    If you live in Victoria, households and businesses must recycle batteries after the state government banned all e-waste from landfill this year. The Victorian government introduced the ban in July 2019, meaning used batteries can no longer be thrown into your general waste or recycling bin at home. Battery waste is a major problem in […] More

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    Lithium-ion battery recycling on the rise

    Lithium-ion batteries have had a poor recycling record for years, however a new report shows lithium-ion battery recycling is advancing much more than we think. Lithium-ion batteries have become crucial to our daily lives, powering electric cars, smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices and machinery. While the production of lithium-ion batteries is set to explode […] More